Nepal - Unity and Diversity

March 7, 2019

The word Unity refers wholeness, harmony, solidarity and peace whereas diversity refers to variety or diversification. Unity in diversity refers to the idea of diversity as a unifying principle, rather than uniformity. Hence, unity in diversity means all indigenous living in a country being one, maintaining their respective diversities. Unity is based on tolerance of physical, cultural, social aspects. Unity is a non-violent thought which helps to maintain the brotherhood and sisterhood among all the people.

Why Nepal is regarded as a country with Unity in Diversity?

Nepal is a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-linguistic and multi-ethnic country.It is a country with Indigenous Nationality. Nepal can be regarded as a culturally rich country. It has been a home to people of different ethnic groups, religion, culture etc. It consists of different language and culture which has been creating a rich and unique culture. The national identity of Nepal has been dependent on the cultural and ethnic diversity. The unity in diversity of Nepal has been considered as a important national heritage which has to be maintained and strengthened. The concept of unity in diversity was accepted by the state after the unification of Nepal by the late King Prithvi Narayan Shah. There is a saying in Nepali “Nepal 4 Jaat 36 barna ko sajha fulbari ho” which means that (Nepal is a home to the people of 4 castes and 36 sub-castes).

With the advancement of the modern society these words have been retain in the society as tolerance, peace and harmony. Although Nepal has been a Hindu state for 2 centuries, it has been offering equality and inclusion of every caste, ethnic group, religion, dialect, culture, and belief. People residing in Nepal have been speaking 126 language. Nepal is a multi-religious country in the world so different ethnic groups live with their own way of religious practice, lifestyle, language, culture, tradition and spirit. Nepal has number of a religious groups, they have been living in peace and harmony. There is not any record of religious conflict in Nepal. All Nepalese have respected the national feeling of unity in diversity. People of Nepal consider Diversity as their identity and unity as their specialities which have been maintaining the peace in the country. Similarly, willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own is known as tolerance. It is a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one’s own.

Importance of Unity in Diversity in Nepal

As we all know that Nepal is a very small country. But people of many religion, caste etc are residing here, So for the proper development and for maintaining peace inside the country we all need to stay together, if there is the feeling like non-tolerance, enmity among the people there will occur different conflicts in which many people may lose their family, friends, houses etc from which we all will bear a great loss. So it has been taking great importance in the country. There is greater need of unity in diversity for a country like Nepal, where more than 125 indigenous and 123 dialects are found. Nepal has tremendous social, lingual, cultural, traditional and religious diversities. It is essential for peace and prosperity to maintain unity among them without hurting our unique characteristics.This feature of diversity has made our country unique and rich in its own way. Every language, custom, culture, tradition, religion and nationality that we have is our national strength, beauty, and wealth.

What can the people do to preserve the Unity in Diversity in Nepal?

It is the duty of every citizen to give equal priority to the people even though they are of different religion. We all are human we all know that, The things like religion, caste etc are just the state of mind which is making the people far from each other. If we understand this then there will be no conflict regarding caste, religion. We should try to protect and promote them as they are. It is paramount important that unity is maintained without compromising diversity. By maintaining unity, cohesiveness and harmony in our diversity, we can take benefit from each others’ skill, knowledge, and expertise and make our country richer, stronger and more viable.

As a citizen of Nepal all people all the people should Preserve and promote the cultural and religious heritages. We need to maintain and strengthen the religious tolerance in the country. We should develop Mutual respect between all components of Nepalese population, people should march forward collectively for peace, prosperity and happiness of the nation. If we maintain the peace, harmony and the sense of brotherhood between the people Nepal will reach a new stage of development from which the poor people and other people will be benefited.

At last we need to know that if there is Unity in Diversity in the country, it will be peaceful otherwise it will be full of conflict and enmity. Do the people know why in every school, colleges etc the class starts with the national anthem? It’s because our national anthem includes the unity of Nepal which teaches every student from their childhood that unity means peace from which conflict will vanisha and only peace will remain. In this busy world also if someone is ill or dead all the people gather around and help each other which shows the unity of the country. All the people should know that if they will help one person in a trouble they will help in their trouble. So the Unity in Diversity is helping for the peace maintenance in the small country like Nepal.