Is Paragliding Scary

January 22, 2019

No paragliding is not scary. If you just follow simple steps and the guidance of the pilot you will be able to enjoy the thrilling experience of paragliding with a smooth flight.But if you panic while you are paragliding, it can be dangerous. Please work on your fear before you attempt something like this.

I actually think that once the entire “event” has been explained to you and the pilots have told you all about the safety/planning side of it you won’t be so frightened. Suggestion to discuss the option with professionals is a good one.I love to hike and have overcome some fear of falling from risky routes. But fear can also be your friend and warn you of danger. A wiseman knows who he is, and listens to his inner self! Whatever you decide may you have a wonderful and safe trip!

Every people have fears some may have fear of height some may have of dogs etc. But the main thing is to conquer over our fear. If you are able to conquer to fear you will be able to experience the real thrill of paragliding. Get a feeling for what the ride will be like and then decide whether you think you can handle it. No point in making yourself miserable by doing it if you will be scared. But perhaps you will be so intrigued you will give it a go. But talk to the experts before you make the decision… they have probably been through this before.

But you need to understand what will happen. You will take a “duo (tandem)” flight. There will be someone (male or female) who will know what to do. You and she/he will fly together, as though closer than on a motorbike, in flexible, fabric seats suspended from the parachute. You run, together, down a hill. At a certain moment with enough air in the chute you are lifted off. the ground falls away very fast and you are in the sky with the birds in your company. With a drop below your feet of perhaps 2500m. And after maybe 20 mins or longer you land to the ground safely.Speaking for myself I learnt a very long time ago never to put myself in a position where I was afraid. Or if I would be afraid, to prepare well and counter the fear. That, I think, is what you have to do..

It is your life and your choice so I do not wish to try and discourage you from interfering in any activity you really desire to participate in. However, I want you also to know that just because you are secured to an instructor on a “tandem flight”…you are not “safe” I know of cases..It is not like being a passenger on a 747 with a pilot who has all of the computer equipment and redundancy safety measures! And what you do on a plane does not usually impact the flight!!