How does Tourism affect environment?

January 24, 2019

Tourism is one of the favorite activities of all the people living around the whole world. But in some context it has playing a major role to cause harmful effect on the environment. The word Tourism mainly refers to travelling from one place to another for the purpose of pleasure and to spend their holidays and vacation. So for increasing the tourism in one’s country there should be a lot of facilities like good transportation, recreational facilities and swimming pools for which the natural resources are being damaged. We can assume the following things as the major harmful things to affect the environment.

Tourism afffect on Air

“Air” one of the main source in which the life of billions living beings is dependent is being polluted from the harmful polluted air which have been coming from the transportation facilities maintained for the Thousand of Tourist visiting one place. Large portion of Air emissions is caused by 60% of air travel. Transportation emissions can result to photochemical pollution, acid rain and global warming. If the pollution continues on this rate, no living beings from the future generation will be able to survive.

Tourism affect on Land Resources

Land is the settlement of all the living beings. Land resources contains of forest, wildlife, minerals, fertile soil, wet land and fossil fuel. But the expanded construction of recreational facilities which are being made to attract and for the comfort for the tourist has been adding more pressure to both stunning landscapes and natural resources. This may result to land degradation. Forest regularly endure the destructive effect of tourism as deforestation created by land clearing and as well as fuel wood accumulation.

Tourism affect on Water

Water is also one of the major source of life in the Earth. It is very evident that the tourism industry over uses the water resources for the development of golf courses, swimming pools, hotels, and even the personal use of water has been leading to water shortage and degradation of water supplies.

Impact of Tourism are of courses attributed to ignorance and overzealous of tourist who blatantly ignores environment rules. This ignorance of the environment rules may lead to the extinction of all the living beings from the earth.